Opening Polish traditional music repositories for interdisciplinary research

Our Objective is to develop a digital platform leveraging music information retrieval and analysis tools to facilitate interdisciplinary studies in musicology, particularly in ethnomusicology, and providing access to various music collections, including but not limited to Polish traditional music, as a part of European cultural heritage.

Join us!

Join us


Dedicated digital platform
which integrates MIR tools with repository-based
functionalities in order to facilitate advanced
interdisciplinary studies
on Polish traditional music.

Other Repositories

Other Repositories

  • Music Archives

    Phonographic collections
    and digitized databases
    with music scores and descriptors

  • Content Managers

    Supervised content
    acquisition and processing

  • Researchers

    Ethnomusicological research
    contextual, staistical, cognitive

  • Citizen

    Artistic inspiration, educational
    and cognitive use

Music Collections

Preservation of traditional music collections
via digitalization and expansion with new field
recordings captured using novel
techniques and equipment.

Automatic content-based description

Music content processing and analysis to automatically
retrieve music scores, song lyrics, and descriptors
related to pitch, melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre.

Music Browsing

Music description indexing and advanced
multi-criteria search with new presentation
and visualization forms and tools

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Group leader

Ewa Dahlig-Turek, Ph.D. (

Institute of Art Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. DÅ‚uga 26/28, skr. poczt. 994
00-950 Warszawa, Poland