Group description


  • The aim of MIR Working Group is to develop and implement state-of-the-art Music Information Retrieval (MIR) tools for large-scale cross-disciplinary research in the fields of musicology and ethnomusicology.
  • As the size of digital repositories of both music scores and recordings grows, to effectively search, process and analyse their musical contents requires a new systematic approach and application of advanced quantitative methods.
  • The group’s efforts will focus specifically on developing a dedicated digital platform which integrates MIR tools with a number of repository-based functionalities in order to facilitate advanced interdisciplinary studies on Polish traditional music.
  • By building a dedicated research platform, the MIR group wants to address several pressing issues such as: preserving traditional music heritage via digitalisation, processing and providing research access to sound archives of traditional music; expanding the existing collections with new field recordings captured using novel recording techniques and equipment and incorporating Polish music transcription resources into European traditional music heritage.

Music Corpora

Digital sound archives of the Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences – analog recordings of authentic Polish traditional music including vocal, instrumental and vocal-instrumental recordings captured since 1945, which has been systematically digitised.

Historical written scores of Polish folk music: around 20 000 melodies documented in Oskar Kolberg’s The Complete Works, stretching back to the 19th century; around 5 000 manual transcripts of post-war recordings, written in a dedicated alpha-numeric format (EsAC).

Research team

Group leader
Ewa Dahlig-Turek, Ph. D. (IAPAS)

Consultative and advisory committee
Cezary Mazurek, Ph. D. (PSNC)

Magdalena Chudy, Ph. D. (IAPAS)
Jacek Jackowski, Ph. D. (IAPAS)

Ewa Łukasik, Ph. D.  (ICS PUT)

Robert Cecko, M.Sc. (PSNC)
Michał Kozak, Ph. D. (PSNC)
Ewa Kuśmierek, Ph. D. (PSNC)
Mariusz Owsianny, M.Sc. (PSNC)
Tomasz Parkoła, M.Sc. (PSNC)
Marcin Werla, M.Sc. (PSNC)