Warmia and Masuria

The subcollection contains music transcriptions published in five volumes of the anthology: I: Annual and Wedding Songs, Warsaw 2002, II: Ballad and Social Songs, Warsaw 2002, III: Courtship and Love Songs, Warsaw 2002, IV: Family and Dance Songs, Warsaw 2002, V: Religious and Popular songs, Warsaw 2002. It consists of over 2500 sound files of vocal and instrumental melodies. The metadata describing each melody allows one to search the collection according to similar criteria as in the subcollection from the Kashubia region. In addition, information on the musical form and structure of the melody (category: melodic classification) is included, which is the result of analyses and classification carried out by the authors of the publication. It allows the user to search the collection based not only on content or function criteria, but also on musical criteria (examples of melody groups are: melodies with a circular structure, melodies with an upbeat, song melodies in the rhythm of waltz, mazurka, krakowiak, etc.).

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